Friday, March 16, 2012

Look to the ant, thou sluggard...

I finally did something around here...And for me, it was pretty "the monkey's off my back" big.

I finished my 2009 Family Album! {insert musical fanfare, balloon release, and confetti}

I know, I's 2012. Mas vale tarde que nunca, I say to you! Senorita Adela taught me that, and it means better late than never.

And, it is true.

But -- putting together an album 3 years after the fact just gets harder and harder...Details fade, things get disorganized, and one becomes less motivated the longer it goes...which leads one to the truth that "promptly" is better than "never" AND "late".

But finally, finally! I pushed on through and got 'er done! After all, some details are best left forgotten, and some memories grow in importance after the fact, and so what if you get your Christmas celebrations out of order!...At least the history is in the book...

At least that's what I tell myself.

2009 was a momentous year...It took TWO volumes...Two BIG volumes...Probably the fault of having a wedding take place...and always the fault of a author who suffers from Verbosity.

I'm sure that's a is Randy.

Anyway, there was a little bittersweet mixed in with this endeavor as I am undecided whether I will ever do paper scrapbooks again...I think that digital is calling my name, though I am not looking forward to the learning curve...Decisions, decisions.

I think I feel a little procrastination coming on...Time to re-read Proverbs!

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one blessed mama said...

i'm SOOOO proud of you!!!!
why don't you skip scrapbooking and put your pics on your blog? you can journal,post pics AND then get it made into a book!!! killing THREE birds with one stone!!

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