Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh, Miss Madelyn...

Don't you just love that cheesy grin?

I had the privilege of spending a day with Miss Madelyn this week. Oh, she is a wonder! I had such fun listening to her dialogue as she played on her own. Such drama occurs with those Fisher Price Little People! I didn’t know that…

We established a kind of circuit of play throughout the day: First, the Hot Wheels cars must be rolled down the FP Main Street slide. Then we should play “Puh-day-doh” (play dough) with the dishes, after that it was time to choose our favorite colors from the tiny cars in the Rush Hour game. Next I had to teach her how to lengthen and shorten the dolly’s growing hair so she could do it all by herself. There were Little People to transport in the bus, and put in the playground, and they must also be put into the store all at the same time. And then we needed to play on the stairs, because Madelyn doesn’t have stairs at her house, and by-the-way, isn’t it time for a snack before we start the circuit all over again.

She’s a busy girl.

I really enjoyed her instructions on how to make “pasta noodles” with play dough…If you overdo the rolling you end up with a dreaded “snake”, and not a pasta noodle: REJECT! Start over, Auntie Les! We made cookies and meatballs, and pancakes. We cooked up a storm, and, of course, what started out as pink and green play dough eventually became a pretty even shade of gray…Amazing!

We were in the middle of discussing favorite colors when she suddenly gave me a rousing account of the animals she saw at the aquarium. Wide-eyed, she told me about a whale, the diver, the “shawks”, and a lot of Nemos there. Cousin Colby was there too… “You wemember Colby?” she asked. So cute!

My favorite quote of the day came after I had been trying to get some response out of her about the baby brother she will soon have…She didn’t have much to say about it as I prompted her through the day, but finally when I had mentioned to her something about “when you get your new baby…”, she burst out, “I have my baby!”  I was wondering if we were talking about the same baby or if she was thinking of her doll, so I asked, “Where is your baby?” She answered with more exasperation, “In Mom’s tummy!” It sounds like it’s just not news anymore. They already have their baby; Mom’s carrying it around, and that’s that.

What a fun little girl! She’s well-behaved, but definitely thinks for herself, and wants to do things independently. Love those (almost)3 year olds! The world is opening up to them, and they are busy figuring things out…

What a delightful day!

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