Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I can't live by my conviction...

A wee bit of sickness interrupted my life for the past several days...Nothing too serious, just some virus that caused my digestive system to rebel with pain whenever I put something in it...And then my head decided not to be left out and ached, until it created some jealousy in my stomach, which decided to join in with just a bit of nausea.

It was fun, I tell you.

I soon discovered that avoidance of food = avoidance of pain. This is NOT my usual modus operandi. Usually, I live by the creed: Food is the most reliable fun you can have.

And I don't think I'm wrong about that...

So -- it was a departure from my regular routine, and a bunch of things I intended to do were put to the side while I tried to avoid pain, and sustain enough energy to do what had to be done. Bad timing what with it being Easter weekend and all.

I missed the Honcoop Family Easter Gathering. While I was feasting on juice & crackers, they were having this:

And I missed seeing all of this:

Easter Baskets!


Uncle Dill reading to Miss Brielle.

Uncle Ran trying to steal Miss Madelyn's dessert.

Nope -- I didn't see any of it, but fortunately I sent my own personal photographer (Thanks, Cait!) to document all the fun I was missing. It was almost like I was there...

No, it wasn't.

I was told that I was missed, which did my heart good, though I know that had I not sent along the deviled eggs they would have been missed more than I...

But that's okay, because that's one of the ways I say to The Family that I love them...deviled eggs.

Because it's true: Food is the most reliable fun you can have.

...most of the time.
I look forward to living by my conviction once again.


Sole Obsession Footwear said...

Oh sweet friend, that sounds awful. I hope you are feeling better.

Jamie Lynn said...

I like that creed a LOT... but would have to add "and coffee". :)

Tami said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Not nice that you had to miss all that Easter fun and feasting. Good thing it wasn't at your house this year.
Take care!

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