Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Work...

Probably by the time you read this the rain will have returned, (actually, I could post this sentence every day with a high rate of accuracy), but we have recently enjoyed such lovely spring weather.

On that first warm day, I breathed deeply of the sweet air, and considered that I had forgotten how nice it could be around here…Warmth, and sunshine…It lends to cheerful hearts.

My opportunity to enjoy it was somewhat limited with my recent illness, so my flowerbeds show no improvement in spite of the weather, and I’m noticing a concentration of unusual weed growth..
These little boogers are everywhere! And blooming already…grrr, seeds not far behind
Moss in the lawn, or lawn in the moss? Yikes!

My sad daffodils, they've had a hard life...a single bloom after 2 years of suffering.

Grass, the scourge in the flowerbeds...time for another application of Round-up...

Pervasive perennials...sometimes I wish I hadn't planted them.

There is so much that needs to be done!...And it seems when I am not able to work on them, the tasks accumulate and overwhelm. I tend to feel old, and unable, and useless -- and throw in ugly for good measure.

Thankfully, my wise daughter reminded me: "That's the virus talking, Mom. Don't listen to it."

So I'm trying not to.

She could have also pointed out that it is a little weird to go and take pictures of weeds and problem areas, but she was too kind.

Time to focus on the bright spots!

My peonies are alive!

I can't remember what these are, but they didn't die off, and they are cheerful!

The magnolia is about to bust out the blooms.

Not all the daffodils have suffered...

The robins are all around.

And I didn't kill the primroses!!!

It's a new record!

And soon there will be more good weather, and I can get out there and get the yard shaped up.

But I'm not gonna think about it right now...


Janice said...

Oooooo - I want to know the name of the pretty purple one!! That is beautiful! I wouldn't let myself buy primroses this year - I kill them way fast!!

Sole Obsession Footwear said...

Anytime you need additional weed pullers my boys are home on Mondays and we'd love to come over for some good ol' country yard work. They could use some hard work to show them how easy life in the city is.

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