Saturday, April 14, 2012

A little project...

I've been trying to learn how to spray paint, and after all my attempts thus far, I am looking for a remedial class.

It's kinda hard!

If it were like putting on hair spray, I would have it aced...and I guess I thought it was a lot like that. But the whole "do short strokes, side-to-side" left me spraying paint out the sides and missing the item I wished to cover in the middle. Abandoning the short stroke method left me with long drips and drapes of paint flowing down the sides of my little nightstand. I think I sanded off one whole can of spray least I know a night stand shouldn't take 2 cans, and this one did.

Those websites make it look so easy and quickly transformational...Instead, it was Pinterest Gone Awry...a possible new category for my blog...

But I finally found something that was too little to mess up too much, and I'm proud to say: I spraypainted this!

First, the before:

I found these chalkware bookends at the thrift store, half off -- a bargain for $3!
I admit that they don't look like much, and they are beat way to restore their former multi-color glory...

So, being an optimist at the most inopportune times, I decided that a coat of spray paint would restore them to their former glory.

And SURPRISE! -- I think it did!
This time the paint covered a multitude of imperfections, instead of creating many more.
I admit that I'm not sure how that happened.

Still, I'm inordinately proud of these.

It wasn't until I put them on display that I noticed that they were both left side bookends...Oh.

I have a continuing problem with spatial relationships...

but at least I can spray paint now.

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