Monday, April 2, 2012

Macy's back in town!

And the other day she came for a visit...The erstwhile pet of Dillon and Tiffany once again resides with them after a stint in Canada with her original owners. She had moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario for a while. Lately, she's been back in Vancouver, and since a new baby boy came to live with her masters, it was considered that she take a country vacation for a time.
We were glad to see her!

Right away, Daisie and Macy seemed to mutually say: "I know YOU!" A couple of chest bumps, and a few circles around the yard, their friendship was regained.
But then, Macy saw this:

What is THAT?

THAT, my dear Macy, is the whirling dervish commonly known as Olive...

In short order, Olive had Macy defending her toy, while turning in circles.

Now Macy, having the genetics and mindset of a retriever, always carries a precious toy in her mouth...everywhere...all the time...
and it's HERS...
and it's PRECIOUS.
Did I mention that?

And The Little Dervish was determined to get it.
And she did...a few times!
But then Macy got her moxie on and let The Little Dervish know that it was NOT up for grabs.
(Daisie, take a lesson from your friend...)
And Olive respected that.
For a little while.
And then it all began again...Macy and Olive turning tight circles until Macy barked ferociously in Olive's face.

By the end of the visit, all canines were exhausted, and happy to sleep in a sunny spot.
As were we...

With those kind of results, you are welcome here anytime, Macy!

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