Sunday, July 14, 2013


I consider it a glorious thing to walk through the berry field in the  morning, sun comfortably warming my shoulders; the bushes liberally dotted with red; my faithful dog obediently walking beside me; a clear blue sky overhead.

It doesn’t get much better than this…except that I have been able to do this for nearly two weeks straight!

Indeed, glorious! And extraordinary…

As expected, the ugly picking was limited to a few days and since then it has been absolutely wonderful. The beautiful weather has allowed us to pick clean and lovely fruit, which makes the processing go so smoothly.

I have only had to fill in on the machine once, and I made it without injury or power failure. Still I am more than glad that the crew shows up every day, same time, same place, same old, same old. Bless them!

We are probably halfway through the season. We’re expecting that when July ends, harvest will end. It’s a rare treat to have all of August free to enjoy summer activities. So looking forward to that!

We were lucky to not have to pick berries on the 4th of July. That gave us time to linger and enjoy the Annual Cowboy Breakfast. Jess was home then, and again this weekend for his birthday. We managed to sneak out to El Nopal for dinner in his honor.


Daisie has been through rehab, and seems to be free of addiction. Of course, she is rarely out of my sight. Strangely, instead of finding her moping at the restriction, she seems to believe that she is more loved than ever, and is obviously enjoying it. Go figure! I believe she is thinking: “Mom needs me to be with her all the time!” She follows me around with the questioning look: “Hey, what are we going to do now, Mom?” It makes me feel a little sad that her forays out into the field were a result of feeling neglected. Those rolls in the stink ended up being a blessing in disguise…and what a disguise!

The weather forecast has us believing that we will continue in this course through the end of the season…I can’t tell you what a blessing that is! To just get out there and work hard, without concern of what disaster might be lurking off the coast, is doable. No hour by hour decisions, no worrying whether the next rain is going to finish us off, no changing up the schedule because the bushes are wet again, no scrounging for people to man the processing line because there is much to clean up.

Whatever the outcome in pounds, or price, this harvest is poised to be a memorable success.

God is gracious.


Tami said...

That was Tami. Not Sam...

Tami said...

So, apparently my initial comment didn't post, as I sent it, I realized my google acct. wasnt' signed on but that Sam was signed on.
Anywhew... The berries look beautiful, I am happy for the farmer and for his wife and I am missing you in real life.
Oh, and I am happy that Daisy is now a reformed roll in the yucky stuff dog!

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