Wednesday, July 24, 2013


…I ought to let you know that my email to Tootsie Roll Industries was not in vain.

I received a very nice letter from them saying: “The assorted flavors are intended to be as fairly represented as possible. Inspectors monitor the mixing process continually in order to assure the proper levels, but as with all highly automated processes, there can be imbalances such as you received. We are working to improve our methods in order to achieve a more balanced assortment.”

Imbalances?! How about you have to buy 3 bags to get 3 Orange Pops, and then suffer through 40 Cherry ones before you can afford to buy any more! Those inspectors must be partial to Cherry…

I had hoped for something more like: “So sorry! Next time we will have someone from the OCD Department count out the Tootsie Pops and make sure there is an equal number of each flavor. We will be vigilant to ensure that Cherry Pops do not overpopulate the bags!”

I’m just looking for a little equity for us orange lovers.

They did show some compassion for my plight: “We regret any undue concern this matter may have caused you and we hope you will continue to enjoy all our confections for many years to come.”

And they enclosed two $1 coupons just to make sure I did.

My concern was so undone as to encourage me to run right out and buy another bag. Lo and behold! There were FOUR, count ‘em, FOUR Orange Pops in the bag AND two blueberry ones…a new flavor!

Hey, folks, it pays to complain…I fixed the problem for everyone, and got paid $2 to boot.

I did a good day’s work last Wednesday, after all.


Adam said...

Undue concern, that's classic.

Holly said...

I can totally help with the cherry ones. I'm here for you.

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