Thursday, July 18, 2013

The truth about Wednesday...

Well – two consecutive days of purposeful living and today I was off the wagon.

I woke up feeling like I was ready to go to bed…because I had spent some time during the night listening to it rain hard and wondering what that meant for picking.. When finally I returned to sleep, it was as if I had slipped into a coma.

My slightly wet bed time hair had become a spectacularly spiky bedhead do. My eyes were puffy; my joints stiff. When I got dressed, all I had were quarter length sox to put with my Keens and crop pants. It looked bad…and worse, I didn’t care.

When I made Daisie breakfast, the ring on the pop-top can popped off without removing the lid. It took a pliers and a can opener to wrestle the can open. I hurried through my own breakfast because I thought it was already 8:30 when it was only 7:30.

I stood in the garage wondering why…then returned to the kitchen, wondering the same thing.

I checked my email to find 10 emails of warehouse documents and invoices that would not print out the single pages I needed. I could only print all 16 pages, or none at all. I only needed 6 of them.

Daisie kept sighing heavily at my elbow, expecting we should be out walking by now. I finally gave in to her demands and grabbed my rake. Our walks these days include raking out the piles of leaves and green berries that get pushed out of the pickers, so as to save the grass beneath.

As we headed to the back 40, I saw that The Farmer had started up the little irrigator on the grass…which meant we must run through at the correct timing or get wet.

I decided to get wet.

We raked out the piles, and made it almost all the way around the field, when we ran into a neighbor and her friend walking around the adjacent field. Too late, I cared about the quarter sox and crop pants…

Back in the house, I anticipated the sipping of my coffee and the boost that caffeine would give me…but I was interrupted by the crew arriving and had to drink it cold.

I returned to those problematic emails, and when I kept dozing off while working through them, I gave it up, and lay down to take a nap.

After naptime, I stumbled around the kitchen gathering Otter Pops and Tootsie Pops for the kids (my worker kids) lunchtime. Appalled at the disproportionate number of cherry pops and the dearth of orange pops, I got on the computer and filled out the Contact Us email form for the Tootsie company and gave them a piece of my mind…

…that I can ill afford to lose.

She gone.

It didn't get any better from there. My tootsie complaint ended up being about the biggest thing I accomplished today. I hope I at least get a coupon out of it, or the whole day will be wasted.
I hope I can crawl back on the wagon tomorrow...I like it better. But I'm going to bed now (again), and mulling over this lesson:
Purpose: not always easy to attain…similar to sleep...but always worth the effort.

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Holly said...

There are days sometimes!!!! Perhaps the neighbor thought you were incredibly fashionable...starting a new trend perhaps!

Hope tomorrow is better!

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