Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I wrote this on a good Monday...

First beets from the garden...
I felt like a real country girl today. For one thing, I wore my Romeos out to work in the garden. And a ball cap. And gloves.

I looked like a hick…which I only sorta am.

More so, I felt like a country girl because I was efficient with my chores this morning. No dallying around, I got the dailies done and then went out to plant and harvest and weed in the garden.

For once, I had reasonable expectations of what I could accomplish. I worked steadily, but not feverishly…and I enjoyed myself.

It spurred me on to greater accomplishments in the house…paid the bills, washed, baked, tidied. Later I picked some berries and got them in the freezer.

You know, if more often I approached my responsibilities with this kind of attitude, I might actually like them.

I spend too much time dreading, avoiding, distracting, and not deciding…which crams all my work into a space of time that makes the dread a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I lived with purpose today…and it felt good. And it was good.

I’m going to try that again tomorrow.

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