Monday, October 6, 2008

Back tracking...

Fields and fields of sunflowers in ND...
Wide open spaces in ND...

Internet access has been a challenge. It seems when I have had good access, I haven't had time to blog, and when I have time to blog, I have no access...So, I'll do some back tracking and try to catch you up to our current status.

Along the road we have seen all kinds of Burma Shave type signs, proffering country wisdoms.

My favorite?





My cousin Sara and her girls told us that 3 miles east of Bismarck it was so flat that we'd be able to see Minnesota, and if we looked north, we would see Canada. I'm not sure we did, but it was indeed FLAT! I told you that I would be looking for Lake Wobegon, and sure enough, just as soon as we crossed into Minnesota we saw signs saying, "Tracy Tollefson for Mayor", and then a row of pontoon boats tied up on a little lake. Randy and I cracked up...Garrison Keillor's stories had prepared us well for that great state!

Other fun and folksy finds in Minnesota: "Oink Joint Road" "Crow Wing County" and "Frazee: The Home of the World's Largest Turkey"

We've noticed that Midwesterners have a thing about town mascots -- usually some very large fiberglass replica of a bison, bear, deer or even turkey...almost every town has one and I should have started taking pictures of them right away, but didn't...I could have started a collection!

Our fifth day (Sept. 28) took us from Bismarck to Duluth, MN and across the water to spend the night in Superior, WI.

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