Thursday, October 2, 2008

Resting in Battle Creek...

We're at the end of our second full day in Battle Creek, MI at Uncle Rog and Aunt Bernita's home. It's been good to be out of the car, and able to stretch out and relax. By the time we got here, all the car hours were taking their toll and Dad was very, very tired. Uncle Rog and Aunt Bernita have been such gracious hosts, patient with our vegetating, and willing to just let us hang out in their comfortable home. We've been visiting, visiting and the rest has been good for us all. Today we took a sight seeing ride to "get the lay of the land", and introduced Uncle Rog and Aunt Bernita to espresso at a Starbuck's. We were shocked to learn that they had never had a latte or mocha! Incredible!! Dad insisted they be initiated to this vice, and now they have...We'll see how much of a vice it becomes...There are not coffee shops on every corner here! We'll be spending another day here before we hit the road again on our homeward way. That means another day of relaxing, visiting, and getting fed overwhelmingly well...It's a tough life, this road-tripping!

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Megan said...

Wish I were there!!!

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