Monday, October 6, 2008

Mackinac, correctly said, "Mackinaw"

On our seventh day (Sept.30), we traveled along beautiful Lake Michigan, stopping at various overlooks, marveling at the beauty, and anticipating our first glimpse of the Mackinac Bridge. At the first overlook from which we could see the bridge, we visited with a native who exclaimed that she had never seen a clearer day on the coast there...Usually, there is mist or fog shrouding the bridge. We were fortunate to be following a small weather system that cleared the air ...lovely clouds -- clear, crisp air and sun sparkling on the water. We could see the bridge from north to south!

It has been Dad's dream for a while to get to Michigan, and to take the northern route so he could cross that famous bridge. What fun it was to do that with them! We stopped at the visitor center and learned the amazing facts about the bridge, and then marveled at the size and scale as we crossed...the tall towers, the HUGE cables, the howling deck, the height above the water. Incredible!

We continued on to southern Michigan and made it to the outskirts of Battle Creek. There we called Uncle Rog and Aunt Bernita and met them at the Cornwell Turkey Farm for dinner...a folksy restaurant complex where they used to raise the turkeys, and then cook them up for your dinner. We filled up on their famous turkey dishes, and then settled in at Uncle Roger's and Aunt Bernita's for our visit.

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