Monday, October 6, 2008

Yoopers, and other animals...

Day 6 found us passing through Wisconsin and into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Early in the day, we got our first glimpses of Lake Superior and stopped at the excellent Northern Great Lakes Interpretive Center. Lots of good and interesting info, but best of all, a 5 story viewing tower from which we could see the surrounding area and look to the Lake...a fun stop.

Lake Superior

While there, we asked the staff if there MIGHT be a coffee shop in the nearby town of Ashland, WI...We had to do a little extra navigating of their downtown, but we ended a 3 day espresso dearth at the Black Cat Coffeehouse...definitely a funky place!

Then it was on to the U.P. -- yes, the Upper Peninsula, where all the "Yoopers" live! We drove through miles of beautiful deciduous forest, bedecked in the start of fall colors. We learned that Yoopers seem to like "pasties" as every town had a pasty shop...and fudge -- lots of fudge shops. Wild turkeys crossed the road in front us, and after miles and miles of forest, we got our first look at Lake an ocean! We spent the night at Manistique, a lovely little lakeside town...which had a fiberglass moose at every business along the strip! : )

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