Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Artist Point, where God is the Artist...

Realizing it was probably our last chance to go in good weather, we drove up to Artist Point last Sunday. Caitlin and Olive came along...
Olive thinks that riding shotgun means she is on The Boss' lap.

And it doesn't hurt that The Boss likes to eat beef jerky when he is going for a long drive.
Be assured that I made certain that none of this was going on as we drove along the upper reaches, where the drop off beside the road, just DROPS OFF!! AND IT'S PULLING ME OVER...AWWWwww!
Which I didn't say out loud...but I thought, when I mistakenly opened my eyes too soon.
Once again, we escaped death and made it to the top. As expected, it was gorgeous...
excuse me, GORGEOUS up there:

And I admit that I must have probably dozens of shots of these same scenes over the years, but I took a whole bunch of them again as I just can't stop myself from trying to capture and preserve this beauty.
We hiked around a little, but for the first time ever, I just plopped myself on a rock, and left Randy  and Caitlin to their hiking. Having a husband who always likes to go "further up and further in", I usually am huffing along behind, and getting uncomfortable as the ridge gets narrower and narrower.
This time I sat on a lovely large rock and soaked...soaked in the sun, the mountain air, the beauty surrounding us, the marvel of our Creative God who made things functional and beautiful beyond our ability to imagine.



Olive, of course, loves hiking...Here she just told the big biker dude to get out of her way...She's climbing! He was impressed -- and moved over. Of course, I was fearful that she would be so excited that she would run right to the edge and unintentionally fling herself into the valley below. Kindly, Caitlin indulged my calmly expressed concerns and tightened up her collar. It should be noted, in my defense, that the first thing the excited Olive did was jump up on the rock wall at the edge of the viewpoint to see over the edge.
SO vindicated...

This day was good for my soul. I'm so glad we went.

And, of course, you must take a picture of the beautiful Mt. Shuksan reflected in Picture Lake.
It's the capper to the day.
Well, that, and getting down to the flatland safely.
Maybe in heaven I will like heights. 


Robyn Burke said...

yes ma'am we have been blessed with this spectacular autumn! We hiked Winchester on Sunday. Everyone and their dog was up there! LOL. Perfect day for it. so glad we took advantage as I'm thinking judging by today's weather, it might have been the last good chance to go!

Tami said...

You got some beautiful shots! It is amazing up there and every time I go it amazes me more at what our God has done.

Holly said...

Gorgeous photos! I can relate to taking the same pictures over and over...just so breathtaking how can you not?!
Call me and Brian next time. I hate to hike and would gladly guard the rocks with you, while Brian also likes to continue on far beyond what we discussed before leaving!!!

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