Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Proof is in the Pictures...

The first half of our road trip included visits to family whom we don't see often enough. That list has this feller at the top...
Yes, this is where the magic happens!

We got to see Jess' cubbyhole office, which is full of signs, mailers, doorknob hangers, balloons, a map of the district and calendars with mailer composition deadlines. Pretty much the same as his room used to look like...except there was no bed.
He was in the middle of crunch time, but things were going well with the campaign. This week he will have less to do, as all the key things are out of his hands and in the works. Now, it's time to wait, and doorbell, and see if there is an issue that needs response. Go Litzow! Go Jess! We can't wait for your win on November 6th!
Our visit was brief, and then it was time to head over the mountains to Eastern Washington, where the sun was shining. The sky was beautiful, and though the landscapes are typical, I rarely tire of them. 

The Farmer suggested we stop at Thorp to stretch our legs. I was all for it, thinking myself lucky to get to an antique store this early in the trip! When we entered the store, I immediately headed to the stairs. The Farmer asked where I was going...Silly Farmer! I don't want fruit! I want to shop!!
I graciously power-shopped and did not expect to take too much time...especially as I expected that it was likely just the first of several antique shops I would see. Alas, this was the sole antique shopping experience I would enjoy this trip...If I had known this, I might have risked a little more aggravation. As it was, I found a Christmas gift, and a dinner plate for my newly begun collection of old china plates.
The Farmer left with two different kinds of grapes.
Good for him.
The next day we arrived at brother and sister-in-laws' home in Spokane. Barry & Lynn made sure that we were well-fed, and entertained. Best of all, they made sure that we had lots of time with their grandsons, Carter and Hudson. And oh yes, Carter and Hudson have parents -- Nick and Shauna -- whom we enjoy as well!
Carter is 4 -- can you tell?

Hudson is 2...And they are both a lot of fun. Carter was hesitant to visit with us at first, then suddenly, he busts out with, "You live in Western Washington!" He got out his favorite map, and then showed me where that was, and where he lived, and he knew most of the states, and then we had to get out the globe so he could show me "Bot-soo-wah-nah". My favorite was the state of "Wyomia". Hudson thought I was hilarious when I tried to help him to eat his sherbet. I want to hang out with him more...I like being hilarious, and it happens so rarely! Thanks, little buddy!
Barry and Lynn took us around to see iconic Spokane:
The Clock Tower
The gorgeous Davenport Hotel

The Gonzaga Campus -- alma mater of Bing Crosby.
(Did you know that?) 
The Giant-sized Red Wagon
We also went out to Green Bluff where there are dozens of little farms celebrating Harvest Time. A couple of them are similar in size to our local Stoney Ridge, but there are many more that are just small pumpkin, apple, fruit & vegetable stands. I couldn't believe the large number of farms that do this! But they were matched by the large number of people everywhere!
We had to go see the place where they do the Punkin Chunkin'!
And I got the luckiest shot ever of the Punkin being discharged!
Pretty cool, huh?! We couldn't believe how high and how far that punkin flew!
The innovators in this country are amazing...Today, a flying punkin; tomorrow, a landing on Mars.
I'm pretty sure it starts that way.
We also made a stop at the "Bowl & Pitcher" in Riverside Park. We were so busy talking, that I forgot to ask for some definition of which was the Pitcher, and which was the Bowl...
 No matter. It was a gorgeous spot.
And after another scrumptious meal with the BarHon's and the Edwards, we made ready to leave on Monday morning.
Off to Montana! 


Robyn Burke said...

Awesome pictures!! I love travelogue posts!! And fun to see how that Honcoop gene is passed down generation after generation. ;)

berrymama said...

So good to hear that road trip went well!!! All ready to tackle the farm again!

Tami said...

I'm enjoying your trip via the blog. Thorpe is a great place to stop and good thing you got in a bit of antiquing. I am very impress by your great nephew's geography knowledge!

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