Monday, October 22, 2012

So we got in the pickup and...

...headed out of town! The day the rain started here in earnest, we went a' road-trippin'. Our intent was to make a big loop through Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, Western Montana, Southern Idaho, Eastern Oregon and home through East/Central Washington...

...which we did.

The Farmer LOVES to road trip. So do I -- but not quite to the extent that he does, so some compromises were made, and I'm pleased to say that we both enjoyed our time, and were equally disappointed with it as well.

That's love.

Anyway, we headed out with our stack of maps, our GPS, and a big bag full of entertainments for me as I knew there would be lots of back road time. In fact, as I was busy packing upstairs, The Farmer came up one time to say, "I thought I heard you loading the kitchen sink. Did you need some help?"

Hardy har har.

I would admit that I had overpacked except that the proof that I did not was that I left my laptop's power cord on the desk  -- so I could have taken more stuff...and I really wish I had, as it cost me $50 to get another one. By the time I acquired it, I didn't feel like blogging anymore, and so I could have just waited til we got home...

Except for the fact that I am addicted to the internet, and needed my cyberworld fix each evening. Fact is, I was just too lazy to blog.

And usually by evening, I was tired from sitting in the pickup for hours, and was quite enamored with the freedom of movement a hotel room supplies, not to mention there was a bathroom available at all times! Luxury!

We did cover a lot of territory -- and I didn't need all those entertainments I brought because:
A. This country is overwhelmingly beautiful -- in so many different ways! I wanted to look out the window and soak in as much as I could.
B. I have a problem with involuntary napping...

So I really didn't need the 3 books I brought(technically more than that as one "book" was my Kindle), nor the notebook in which I was going to plan the Holidays, or the iPod with all the music, or the multiple camera lenses as most of my pictures were taken from inside the pickup. I did actually knit a little bit but every so often I would drop a stitch when we hit a bump, so I'm not sure I got any production out of that either.

I envisioned stops at historical markers, and a few rambles through antique stores...

The Farmer envisioned all back roads, and a few rambles through equipment "boneyards".

And mostly, these things did not happen, and thus, our mutual disappointments.

The Farmer did get his opportunity with a number of back roads, and since I was involuntarily napping, I had no worries that we might be lost...It was all good on that score.

Except for some great visiting time with family, we mostly just drove and drove and drove. It was a "survey" trip. We now know some places we want to go back to explore more thoroughly, and we can cross off the list some we are no longer curious about.

It was a wonderful change of pace, and I repeat, we saw a great variety of beauty -- Narrow valleys, wide open big sky, high mountain passes, desert-like areas, coulees and huge rocky areas, and acres and acres of farming...most all of these in the cool sunshine of Fall.

Oh, it was quite wonderful...and so is home, where you are free to move about, and the bathrooms are not 42 miles apart.

Pictures to follow...tomorrow.


Robyn Burke said...

Love, love, love me some road trips!! Looming forward to pictures. that is an area Bruce and I would enjoy exploring. We discovered parts of NorthEast Wa. last summer/fall and we really want to see Montana again, this time without snow. ;)

Kelly said...

I love that you were "equally disappointed". I do love that you enjoyed your trip too. It's just such a breath of fresh air to read truth and know that your not the only one to have disappointments.

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