Friday, October 5, 2012

I want that scissors!

Last night we attended the VIP night for the Grand Opening of the Fairhaven Whatcom Farmers Co-op store. The Farmer, being a director on the Co-op Board, was in on the photo-op and ribbon cutting.

I really wanted to try out that scissors...Just think how handy that would be! You could cut off a hunk of fabric with one cut...though it might be a bit tricky to keep it straight. I looked around for it later so I could maybe give it a try but I think they hid it...They saw that look in my eye.
Anyway, it was a very nice evening with lots of free fancy food and drink. Love all those appetizers: carmelized onion and brie tarts, roasted veggies with dip, hummus and artichoke dips with bread, cheeses, mini roast beef sandwiches, and cake and a variety of bars for dessert...YUM!
We also got to spend some time visiting with the other farmers that are on the board. You know how it is to converse with people who understand your business -- a special carmeraderie. At one point, the previous night's presidential debate came up. I'm pretty sure that most of the comments made regarding that topic were not the kind you commonly hear in Fairhaven. I did notice that a young couple seated nearby got up and left at that point.  Perhaps the presence of a Farmers' Co-op in Fairhaven will create a merging of philosophy that we haven't seen before...Likely, it will require it!
Also yesterday, I went to pick out new carpet for my family room. Things have changed in the 16 years since I last did this. The carpet is actually soft -- soft enough that you would LIKE to lay your face on it...And being soft, it is not a firm surface...So far, I am quite puzzled how one cleans up puke out of such a soft surface...They say that you can get any spill out...ANY...but I don't know...It just seems a little too shaggy for puke -- and I am sorry to be so graphic, but that's The Problem we need to address...{oh, Daisie} What to do, what to do? That soft carpet would be SO nice to sit on, or lay on, or have the little kids play on...I thought I was just going to walk into the carpet store and say, "Show me your most durable carpet"...and then, "I'll take it." I think it's going to take a bit more effort than that...{sigh}.
For current events I want you to know that today, I started AND completed a project, and I am SO excited, but I cannot tell you a thing about it. Since it went so well,  I now think that I will make it a Christmas present, so it is Top Secret. Dang! I wanted to brag about actually completing something really cute...IN.ONE.DAY!
All I can talk about now is that I mowed the lawn, which is a good thing, and something to brag about as well because I am sick and tired of mowing lawn -- but I did it anyway. 
Yay for me...and so I am free to do some fun projects tomorrow, like sewing...Now if I just had that scissors...

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