Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I still feel like...

...crap. And according to my schedule, I should not be feeling this way anymore. When I came down with a cold, I figured that I would feel poorly for 3 days, improved but symptomatic for a few more, and at a week, I would pretty much be back to normal, with maybe a little residual cough.

It seems the uninvited virus has other plans as, 1 ½ weeks in, I am still coughing and blowing my nose, and at approximately 2pm each day, I am ready to go to bed for the night.

Grrrrrrr…I’ve got stuff to do! Stuff! Lots of it! And the sun is shining for Pete’s sake!

{grousing, mumbling, more grousing, and a generally bad attitude ensue}

And then I noticed on the calendar that Randy’s cousin Kathy has a birthday this week…Doctors have told Kathy that this will likely be the last birthday she will have here on this earth. She has received the kind of news that would be devastating…Her cancer is not going to go away, and the symptoms that she endures are going to accumulate.

And in the midst of this, she is choosing to live…I mean, LIVE! Yes – all caps and exclamation point too!

She’s taken care of the issues that require due diligence, and then she is going on with her life, going back to work, enjoying “normal” days as much as possible. She planned and gave a baby shower for a niece whose baby she is determined she will hold. She keeps teaching her 4-H kids each week. She is focusing on what she enjoys, and is actively enjoying her life.

Add to this that Kathy has spent most of her life in a wheelchair – probably as long as she can remember – and has independently and cheerfully taken care of herself. Her accomplished goals include purchasing her own condo – prettily decorated and immaculately clean. She became a “runner”, training with other local runners until she was able to compete in some races – even a half marathon – wheeling as the others pounded the pavement. She’s a cherished friend to many, and a dedicated participant in her church.

She has always been a cheerful, positive presence – and still is. Cancer has not changed who she is.  Who she is, is changing my view of living in spite of cancer.

I have no claim on her accomplishments. I don’t even see her as often as a cousin should…

But I am just so proud of her…

And I know that GOD brought her to my mind as I moped about my very temporary illness.

{MAJOR attitude adjustment ensues…}

Kathy – I hope you have the best birthday ever. If anyone can do that in these circumstances, it would be you! We love you; we are so proud of you! The way you are living is creating a legacy that all of us will cherish.

I will do my best to follow your example of finding joy in each day.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh , is this Cathy that works as ICU????? She's is an AMAZING woman!

Sole Obsession Footwear said...

Wow...what a great example. Live life to the fullest and go out smiling! If only we could all be that strong. I wish your cousin a great bday as well. And I do hope you feel better soon too!

Tami said...

Beautiful post Leslie. I hope she has a fantastic birthday!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Les for the Great Tribute to Kathy. Last night she called and need help putting gas in her car. She just didn't have the strength to do it. I was at the office so she stopped by on her way back from 4H. She drove us to the local gas station and I proceeded to fill her car. Afterward she said "Well I guess I have to bring you back to the office now". Sensing that she wanted to spend some time together, I quickly suggest that we go get some ice cream. She had a beaming smile on her face as she wheeled her car back on the road to Arby’s drive thru for a jamocha shake. We had a great Brother-Sister talk that I will always TREASURE. She has taught me to be more Thankful and Appreciative. I can only pray that I will live up to the standard she has set.
Thankful to be her brother, Gary

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