Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Second Half of My Century...

It was my birthday, Friday last. After a couple of weeks that seemed quite busy to me, I was quite content to plan and do nothing by way of celebration…that is to say that doing nothing WAS my celebration…

Well, actually, I did have a plan, and it was very simple: I would NOT HURRY all day, something I consider the height of luxury.

The day moseyed past with a few pleasant surprises; calls from my kids, a bed & breakfast visit from a nephew, a long chat with my sister, coffee-time with my parents… In between, I read my book and ALL my favorite blogs, of which there are not a few. The day was capped wonderfully when The Farmer took me for dinner at the Black Forest, and we both enjoyed our favorite, Schnitzel Champignon.

I’m a lucky girl…perhaps it is better to say a BLESSED girl…just make sure to say it the two syllable way; it sounds good that way.

My dad congratulated me on the completion of the First Year of the Second Half of My Century…That Dad! He knows how to make the mundane special!

I have to admit that I am still not accustomed to being in the Second Half of My Century. In fact, I recently confessed to my kids that, in my mind, I am parked in my early 40’s, a contemporary of all those mom’s with pre-teens and teens.

In reality, two of my children have reached the 10th anniversary of their graduation from high school…My “baby” is a quarter of a century old…I suppose that some things about high school may have changed in the last 10 years…And there goes my credibility and solidarity with the young women in their 40’s.

Even one year into the Second Half of My Century, I am not feeling comfortable with this stage of aging. I’m trying to find a balance between appreciating and pining for the past; recognizing limitations and finding opportunities; feeling like time has gone too fast and living in the moment without regret.

I’ve decided that I shall stop feeling sad regarding the changes about which I can do nothing; that I will do my best not to pine over time and limitations. I will live in the moment…No doubt goals that will consume a lot of effort throughout the Second Year of the Second Half of My Century…

As it did the first, because I think I have said this all before.
But I’m not sure…so I hope you can’t remember either, because I have a feeling it might be a recurrent theme during the Second Half of My Century.

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Jerrie said...

Oh Leslie you are the youngest second-half of a century person I know. I'm not even 40 and have an almost-Senior so you can be my age! :)

A no-hurry, just mozey birthday sounds perfect. I am glad you had a wonderful birthday...you deserve it.

p.s. It is making me type "bstatie boovert" below. I'm not sure why but it makes me laugh! Happy day!

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