Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So purty...

The babies (first year of harvest for these) look so tidy and lovely, and with the rain leaving the ground chocolate brown...well, it does a dirt farmer's heart good! I had a picture of them from sunny Saturday -- but the chocolate brown dirt looked even better today!

Back in the rest of the field, where the grown-ups are, the grass is all mowed and tidy too.

And look at all the buds!

A few blooms have appeared...

Lots of growing occurred during last week's great weather, and lots of farming was done -- everywhere! It was a boon to the ag industry, and I don't doubt it did many other hearts good too.

(Daisie wears her heart on her sleeve...She has just figured out that Mom came out to take pictures...NOT to walk..."My life is crap...")

This week, with the return of rain, I had to bring my freshly planted pots to "high ground" -- that is, under the deck roof -- before they drowned...

...and I really didn't need to water the rose bed on Saturday night.

...and the lettuce seeds I planted on generously watered potting soil will probably rot before rooting.

I need to work on my timing. 

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berrymama said...

Yes, I agree--the shade of green is so pretty!! No weeds, beginning of bloom..the calm before the storm!!!
OK, I can handle a cool, dry summer again!!

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