Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Matchy-matchy no more...

Yesterday was Town Tuesday, and I went to my favorite shoe store to visit my friend Kelly, and because lately I've just not had the right shoe for the outfit.

I came home with these beauties:


To say this is a departure for me would be putting it mildly.

I have a tendency toward matchy-matchiness...and I can think of only one item in my wardrobe that will coordinate with this color.

I was just going to pass these by, then tried on, instead, some cute neutral flats...However, I thought I should at least see how the red ones felt. If they felt good, I would get them in the neutral bronze-y color.

And then, I loved them.

They felt good. They looked good (my feet are my best bodily asset these days, along with my wrists...). They were just so cheerful, and bright.

I wavered at the impracticality, despite Kelly's assurances that a "pop of contrast color" would be totally appropriate with much of one's wardrobe. Finally, she comforted me by bringing out a ceramic bead bracelet that combined neutral(brown) with orangey red.

"If you wear this, you will coordinate with the shoes..."


That Kelly is so clever! I got the shoes I really wanted while satisfying my practical compulsion to matchy-match... My best physical assets were both accentuated...I left there feeling quite happy, and anxious to wear my new shoes...

...and plunge into the world of contrast.


Jerrie said...

I am so glad you got those shoes. When I went in to work yesterday Kelly told me all about the dilemma! I think those will look great with many, many outfits (if you need help deciding we will gladly come over, look in your closet, and help you out).

We're on a campaign to promote no more matchy-matchy! :)

Yippee for red shoes!

berrymama said...

So cute!! You go farm girl!!

about the long and winding road... said...

BRAVO..matchy matchy. :)

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