Friday, May 18, 2012

Shoe sadness...

After my recent post about my favorite shoe store, I received the sad, sad news that it will be closing.

{deep breath}

I would like to say much more about the company that has attacked my friend Kelly, and ruined her dream -- but it would get ugly. Suffice to say that they are have made it unprofitable for her to stay in business by making false accusations about her use of the name Sole Obsession. They claim that she took it from them with intent to impact their business.


I would say that whoever they are, they are not big on truth...or justice...or knowledge...Because what they assert has just not happened...Kelly intending to steal their name and business? PREPOSTEROUS! RIDICULOUS!

And it is costing my friend her dream, and our town -- a great business.

{mumble, mumble, GROWL...}

Today was the beginning of her close-out sale...

And I took full advantage of it...

Jerrie, my other favorite shoe saleswoman, took my orders: "I'll take a size 8 in that one, and that one, and add this to my pile, please..."

Buying shoes like they were going out of style...or stock, in this case!

Oh! What will I do with out my shoe store? After I became old enough to suffer injury from wearing cute, cheap shoes from Target, Kelly saved my hurting feet with well-made, supportive AND cute shoes...I will miss her, and so will my feet.

In the meantime, I have 3 new pairs of shoes, and 6 pairs of socks stashed away for the coming famine...Oh -- and a hat for each of my girls...I wanted them to have something from Sole too!

Best wishes Kelly on your future endeavors! I will miss dropping by to chat on my Town Tuesdays...

And the rest of you better get over there and get ready for the famine...I didn't buy all the size 8's!



Jerrie said...

Oh Leslie thanks for coming in and supporting us. Your visits always make our day...and a special fun Friday visit? Fabulous!
Enjoy your purchases and we'll have a size 8 swapone day. :-)

Tami said...

I grabbed three pairs of size 8 for myself yesterday! I'm hoarding shoes that are comfortable, stylish and affordable. Buying shoes like I may never find them again in Lynden, oh, yeah, because I won't be able to buy shoes in Lynden again.
Love Kelly and Sole Obsession and will miss her horribly.

Jamie Lynn said...

This is SO very sad indeed! Not only was Sole the very source of all my cute and COMFY shoes, it was a fun destination point on our little walks... always fun and friendly people, even when not buying shoes!

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